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Trench Schottky with Multilayer Varistors
The TSUPxM45SH & TSUPxM60SH Schottky rectifiers offer low leakage current and low forward voltage drop. The series devices are optimized for the automotive applications with low power loss, high efficiency – maximum leakage current is only 20mA at high temperature operation. The series devices include 5A/10A/15A forward current and maximum VRRM is 45V/60V. All these capabilities are packed into SMPC4.6U (TO-277A compatible) package. This is a wettable flank package, it enhances the solder joint ...
EMVCologne, GermanyMrz 17 2020
SPSNuremberg, GermanyNov 26 2019
APECNew Orleans, LA, USAMrz 15 2020
CIPSBerlin, GermanyMrz 24 2020
Embedded WorldNuremberg, GermanyFeb 25 2020
Satellite 2020Washington, DC, USAMrz 09 2020
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