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Introducing New Brand Identity System
RIGOL Technologies is proud to announce the launch of its redesigned brand identity system as well as the 3rd generation brand tagline "Possibilities and More". The new brand identity is intended to permanently enhance both the divison's customer focus and its internal and external transparency. The new design features a modern, communicative, and refreshed design, which also conveys the brand core value via a younger, brighter, and more passionate, brand identity. The release of RIGOL's new brand identity system further enhanced the in-depth deployment of RIGOL's internationalization strategy. This means that RIGOL will be extended from product and technology innovation to customer-centered. RIGOL is also push innovations forward for the test and measurement industry. The own chipset and the new oscilloscope architecture show the way to the future. In addition to the Analog Front End Chip (named Beta Phoenics), Rigol also have developed the Signal Processing Chip (named Ankaa), which supports 10GSa/s data acquisition capability, and the Probe Amplifier Chip (named Gamma Phoenics), which will support differential probes up to 6GHz. The ASICs are based entirely on RIGOL IP and were developed entirely inhouse.
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Introducing New Brand Identity System
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