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92Super- and Ultracapacitors: Thousands of Farads Thanks to Double Layer Technology

Asparagus Time Again!

The weather is friendly and the asparagus is growing just fine - we had our first meal last week - PCIM must be just around the corner! For the last thirty years the conference and show have been hosted in Nuremberg. Before that, PCIM Europe was in a different location every year. I remember one of the early conferences in Munich - with table top booths for companies in the parking lot of the hotel. That was back in the late 80s, with Gerd and Christine presiding.

Unfortunately, my trip to APEC at Anaheim was interrupted by an infection that put me in the hotel bed after only the first half-day. The great thing is that Holger took care of all my customer appointments during the show. I owe him my thanks. Back home in Laboe, I have made a full recovery and expect to be in Nuremberg at PCIM. The nice warm weather of California is always a reason to return, so my next plan is to be at SEMICON West in San Francisco in July.

It is always great getting experts together to work on Power Electronics – making progress in reducing power consumption. The semiconductor industry is the key technology. Wide band gap devices have been taking over more and more of the applications once served by silicon. So I will continue the tradition of a podium discussion with industrial leading experts in wide band gap technology.
This will be held on Wednesday, 8th of May at PCIM, Hall 7, Booth 543
* SIC – Devices are Mature, 13:30 to 14:30
* GaN – Devices are Mature, 14:30 to 15:30

Next to the podium at Hall 7, is the "Meet the Speakers Lounge", (7-546). This is a new service where visitors can have discussions in more detail after the presentations. I am looking forward to meeting you there.

And around the corner you will find my booth 7-540 for chatting during the show. So, I look forward to meeting next week in Nuremberg during PCIM Europe – just in time for more asparagus.

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My Green Power Tip for the Month:
Walking to the nearby beach with your grandchildren and building sand castles with them is much better than driving in the car to reach other attractions, and less pollution in the air.

Best Regards
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