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12Win a MPLAB ICD 4 In-Circuit Debugger
14High Density Power Amplifier IC Delivers New Levels of Performance
1694% Efficient: New Flyback Switcher ICs
18-23Module Solutions for 1500V Solar Inverters
24-27The Importance of the Ignition System in Reaching Greener Mobility
28-30A New Approach to Superjunction MOSFETs
32-36New Gen 3 650V IGBT: A Soft and Efficient Switch for Industrial Applications
38-39Substrate with Integrated ESD Protection
40-42System-Simulation for Virtual Power Modules
44-49Effectiveness of Phase Correction When Evaluating High-Efficiency Motor Drive
50-52Modeling Thermal Behavior of IGBT Modules in Conversion Equipment
54-57Advanced Synchronous Reverse Blocking

The Show Must Go On

Despite recent disasters, like in Houston TX, Key West FL, or the massacre in Las Vegas, we must continue to do our jobs. My condolences go to the families who lost their loved members in the Las Vegas shooting. Both disasters are man-made. Hurricanes are getting stronger through man-made global warming. We all must help to make the world a safer place. Automatic weapons must be banned everywhere in the world. This discussion is long overdue in the USA, and hopefully the recent catastrophe will bring awareness to the need to eliminate their availability.

We had just reached California to meet business friends in San Diego when the news of Las Vegas broke. Needless to say it was a shock for us all. The accused, a 64 year old man, seemed like a normal local citizen. But as Avery Brundage at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich said: "The games must go on."

It is the same with business. We need to continue developing better solutions that reduce power consumption, while delivering the same or better performance. Our planet needs engineering innovation to survive its own slow decline. Political leaders are generally opportunistic to what people like to hear, but often not to what actually makes things better. They need our technical guidance. It is great to see wind-power and solar installations in Hawaii. Active IEEE members must be at work.

In our field, Wide Band Gap semiconductors will make their contribution in system designs with significantly reduced losses. To design with SiC and GaN is the future. For all design engineers that desire a more efficient future, I recommend attending the following event in Munich Germany:
Wide Band Gap Conference, December 5th 2017, Munich-Airport
Wide Band Gap semiconductors have become mature over the last decade. The trend is to replace silicon power switches with SiC and GaN. It is important that system design engineers get involved in advanced design work using wide band gap devices for their next project. Experts from semiconductor manufacturers and the early users will describe their experience and ease the transition to the new technology. For conference details
A great group of experts will be presenting, and discussing WBG applications. Book your seat now to remain at the frontier of technology for your next design project.

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My Green Power Tip for November:
Do not overuse your smart phone. All that data goes through server farms, which now consume a huge amount of power. Doing video calls on the phone demands a lot of energy too. Use your voice, and trust that people will remember what you look like!

Best Regards
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