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12Win an MCP6N16 Evaluation Board
14-16Targeting all Power Applications from PCs to Industrial Equipments
18-22Smart Appliances Need a Smart Power Supply with Clever Standby Power Management
24-27Advanced Si-IGBT Chip Design for Maximum Overall System Performance
26-31Combining Excellent Performance and Ease-of-Use with a Cost-Effective Package
32-34Pack More Power into Your Cool, Small Smart-Home Hub
36-37MPM38222 - A Simple, Compact Power Solution for Optical Modules
38-39Optimising the Thermal Performance of Power Electronics
40-451200V Hyperfast Diodes and their Applications

Nature is Teaching Us

We have seen the increasing power of hurricanes in Florida. It is clear that global warming is influencing weather around the globe. Those who have not understood the lesson before now need to get back to school to learn the basics of climate change and the facts involved, especially those in control of public policy. Damages to the infrastructure, to buildings, loss of life, evacuations, etc. - all are happening more frequently. Leaders in the world must start to work at the core subjects and not just sightsee and promise help. Global warming must be stopped.

In our field, Wide Band Gap semiconductors will make their contribution in system designs with significantly reduced losses. To design with SiC and GaN is the future. For all Design Engineers that desire a more efficient future, I recommend attending the following event in Munich Germany:
Wide Band Gap Conference, 5th of Dec 2017, Munich-Airport
Wide Band Gap semiconductors have become mature during the last decade. The trend is to replace silicon power switches with SiC and GaN. It is important that system design engineers get involved in advanced design work using wide band gap devices for their next project. Experts from semiconductor manufacturers and the early users will describe their experience and ease the transition to the new technology. Particulars of the conference are listed at:
A great set of experts will be presenting, and discussing your WBG application subjects. Get your seat booked to stay at the frontier of technology for your next project.

I personally remember in the mid 80's introducing the new device called the COMFET, seeking to convince designers to use these devices instead of MOSFETS and Bipolar Transistors.
After the first successful designs were running, gradually the field lost their hesitation and started to accept and use the COMFET. The name changed to the IGBT, and it changed our world. WBG devices have started on a similar track. We see the same kind of spirit today. My role has changed to publishing, but always to promote progress. I'd love to see as many as possible in Munich at the WBG event.

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My Green Power Tip for October:
Go out and pick wild berries in the forest and open fields. When farm grown, they are sprayed against insects and to reduce spoilage, they are packed to travel long distance, some fly in by airplane. Help to avoid traveling fruit. Pick your own from your neighborhood.
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