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141 MHz Bandwidth Current Sensor ICs with 3600 VRMS Isolation
16-20Expertise, our Source of Energy to Interconnect Power
22-24Evaluating Fringing Effects in Multi-Gapped Toroids
26-28Balancing Motor Control, Radiation-Tolerance, and Power Consumption in Space Applications
30-33The State of Intelligent SiC MOSFET Gate Drivers
34-37Pulsed Field Magnetometry for Characterisation of Magnetic Component

Looking Forward

I'm back at my desk and so happy that Holger has produced the January issue – a milestone, the first one not under my control. My last activity was at the Wide Band Power Conference on 5th of December in Munich. I am pleased with the great feedback from both presenters and attendees. They all enjoyed sharing their information towards progress in design. The presentations will be covered by articles in the upcoming issues - Bs&T Frankfurt and AgileSwitch contributions are in the current issue.

We look forward to an exciting year 2018. APEC in San Antonio, Texas, will start to get the power family together, we look forward to meeting again. Power electronics is the heart beat of electronics. I have stated that a long time ago. Now the focus is to make power electronics as efficient as possible, as energy demand continues to rise. Forty years ago people were pleased with systems that functioned. But now we face increasing energy demand and need an electric power supply that has the highest possible levels of efficiency. Communications, once a negligible load, has blossomed into immense server farms – forty years ago, who predicted such demand?

After APEC, the next big event for Power Electronics will be PCIM Europe. It is quite a while ago that PCIM was started in the USA by Myron Miller. It is too sad to hear that Myron Miller, the Publisher and Founder of the PCIM magazine and conferences, passed away on December 9th, at the age of 89. While he retired from work in 2000, he never stopped thinking about the future and working on projects in energy-related fields. I remember our nice chats and conversations at conferences, the last time at APEC in Disney Land in Anaheim a few years ago. My deepest symphysis is with Myron's wife and his family. Myron's spirit of cooperation and action lives on at the board meetings of PCIM.

I also look forward to see fair treatment of journalists in the world. It is not acceptable that journalists be held in jail, without any accusation for a full year. Too bad if their reports are critical of what they see. We have to work for the freedom for Deniz Yücel. Journalism keeps freedom alive for us all – there are innumerable examples from our past to teach us.

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My Green Power Tip for February:
If it is cold outside and freezing, feed the birds. You will enjoy hearing them sing in Springtime.

Best Regards
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