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14Auxiliary Power Supply Evaluation Board for SiC MOSFET
16The dark Side of the Internet
18-22A New Family of Miniature, Fast and Accurate Transducers for Isolated Current Measurement
24-27A Practical Study on Three-Level Hybrid SiC/Si Inverters
28-30Evaluating the Effect of High Switching Frequency on the Performance
34-37Essential Overvoltage Protection
38-40IPM Solution for Low Rated Power Application
42-44Configurable Mixed-signal ICs and Asynchronous State Machines Can Optimize Embedded Designs

Cape Canaveral Alligators,

As a little boy I was fascinated to watch black and white TV and see men land on the moon. It was far out in my imagination – indeed many people had trouble believing it. At that age, I was happy with my electric toy train. Many years later I visited Melbourne Florida frequently, as I worked at marketing and applications for Harris Power Products. I was again fascinated to see the Space Shuttle rising above Cape Canaveral. And for the first time I saw wild Alligators, Wildlife and Technology were in a precarious balance.

Now, back in Tampa for APEC, I realize that much of Space activity is history: no Apollo missions since 1972, 45 years ago. At that time I was a student just getting into electronics. By now, innovations in electronics have changed the world. Microcomputers have entered so many aspects of handling functionality. There was the IGBT invention of Wheatley and Becke, that enabled efficient, variable-speed, motor drives. Now most semiconductor vendors for Power Electronics have IGBTs in their portfolio. All that happened with conventionally silicon designs. But now we have wide band gap devices in SiC and GaN taking over.

It was nice to have a great time in sunny Florida and to see all my friends at APEC - working together on progress for a better world. Reducing losses and thus atmospheric emissions is important if we are to hand over to our Kids a world that is safe to live in. Our grandchildren should be proud of what we did for their future. The entire world must be great - if there is an imbalance, there will always be conflicts.

The Apollo Space program is history, but my grandchildren are still fascinated to play with my trains, now 55 years old. Electric motors have not changed too much in principal, but are they are more efficient. And in the 90’s I provided Marklin little MOSFETs that helped digitize the control of their locomotives. So toys too joined the electronics world, without waiting for “Industry 4.0”. It is always good to play around with toys and foster young minds for the next innovation.

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My Green Power Tip for April:
Don’t feed the Alligators, they can run faster than you, so stay away. They like to eat whatever they can catch. We still may need your expertise for Power Electronics.
Best Regards
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