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20-26Reliable SiC Power Devices for Automotive Applications
28-30EiceDRIVER and CoolMOS CFD2 Join for High Efficiency in Refrigeration
32-34Half-Bridge vs. Sixpack Modules for Motor Drives
36-39A Performance Comparison of GaN E-HEMTs versus SiC MOSFETs
40-41Innovative Remote Sense Approach for Power Supply Test & Measurement Systems

The World Needs Free Journalists

Some shameful things are going on around the world, and it’s time to insist our political leaders be guided by common ethics and the rules of democracy. Colleges and universities are having their freedoms curtailed, and some countries mistreat journalists for their differing views. Jail without proper review is not acceptable. These actions are the beginning of “alternative facts,” but will end up with “alternative” realities. These actions must be stopped early enough to avoid the world ending up in the hands of dictators. There must be a free press.

Lessons of history should be plain enough to the public but many voters seem unaware of their larger responsibility. The generation that suffered from World War II is nearly gone. I was born after that and had the luxury of not being affected by the war that ravaged Europe for such a long period. Fortunately, the French and Dutch have voted for candidates that are, in the democratic way, good for Europe. We all have to work hard to keep peace.

This world is the only one we have. We must save its resources and hand over to our grandchildren a world that is healthy. Nature sometimes shows clearly how disastrously weather can affect the world. We add our own disaster by ignoring global warming. History has its lessons here as well - nuclear power plants in Russia and Japan have shown how dangerous they are. Nuclear waste is forever in comparison to our lifetimes. Our kids will pay with their future for it.

But recently we have had the Intersolar Conference in Munich. Here is where alternatives pay off - alternative energy, much better than alternative facts.

Putting away all my concerns for the moment, I hope you will have a nice vacation during the summer.
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My Green Power Tip for June:
It is not necessary to fly long distances for vacation. You may not have discovered your neighborhood. Start now and find out.
Best Regards,
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