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14Isolated Push-Pull DC-DC Converter Delivers 1W from SOT23-6
16Model Continuity: From Offline Simulation to Real-Time Testing
24The Intelligent Power Module Concept for Motor Drive Inverters
28Demystifying the Paralleling of IGBT Modules
32Longer Battery Life for Tomorrow´s Design Challenges
36Competing Integrated GaN and Non-GaN Technologies in USB Wall Chargers
40High Voltage Family of Controllers Reduces DC-to-DC Converter Cost and Size
42Rectifier Package Development
44Extended Resistance Range Opens Up New Applications

Lots of Work Ahead

This year’s summer break is over (for the most of us), and so it is for Bodo and I. It was quite hard to concentrate on the daily work at our office when the temperature only knew one direction – upwards! As the “fresh air enthusiast” that he is, Bodo’s first action when arriving at the office everyday was opening all windows. It was up to me to pick up and sort the paper flying all over the place ...

The autumn season has started well with some shows in September - things will now become very busy. We are trying to attend as many events as possible. Beside this, autumn traditionally is the period when contracts for the following year are negotiated. I have learned a lot from my time at Bodo’s, but one of the most important things is the positive impact of talking face to face. Taking care of business partners is elementary. It’s always so nice to meet the people that you are in contact with over the whole year, either at an event or during a personal visit. So, if you’re a marketeer and you haven’t met with one of us recently, watch out – we might be just around the corner!

In December our third Wide Band Gap event will take place in Munich, again in cooperation with Aspencore. The program is nearly finalized, and we have some of the most important heads in power electronics talking about progress with these game changing materials. There is still an opportunity to participate as an exhibitor at the Tabletop – Aspencore can take care of it. If you’re interested, just contact us and we will be very happy to forward your request to the right person! A high-quality audience is guaranteed. Beside the presentations and the Tabletop, networking will be very important for the visitors.

December also brings another very exciting event for us: our new website will go live. Personally, I am super excited! It took me a while to convince Bodo that this was necessary. But now he is excited too. It’s a little bit comparable with seeing a baby develop. The new website will offer a very nice user experience, providing our “jewels” - the archive of over 13 years of Bodo’s Power Systems magazines - along with the latest news and an up-to-date calendar with the crucial events of our industry. Stay tuned, you will love it!

Bodo’s magazine is delivered by postal service to all places in the world. It is the only magazine that spreads technical information on power electronics globally. We have EETech as a partner serving North America efficiently. If you are using any kind of tablet or smart phone, you will find all of our content on the website If you speak the language, or just want to have a look, don’t miss our Chinese version:

My Green Power Tip for the Month:
Try and use the microwave as often as possible, instead of your oven. The energy consumption is significantly lower. As long as renewable energy has not taken over, every small action counts!

Best regards,
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