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1618-75V Ultra-wide Input Voltage DC/DC Converter
18-19COLD SPLIT Provides Cost Advantages for SiC Substrates
20-27SiC Power Modules for a Wide Application Range
28-32Efficient MCU-Controlled PFC with Two-Phase Current Modulation
34-42Thyristors for Current Impulses Commutation
44-46CoolSiC MOSFET in Drives Applications
48-51Advantages of Pre-Applied Thermal Interface Material
52-54Keeping the Lights On
56-59Household Energy Storage System’s Power Solution
60-61Design of Resonant LLC Converters by Cloning
62-63SiC Devices Poised and Ready for Harsh Environment Applications
40-49Don't let your Digital Storage Oscilloscope betray you Part 2

Free Journalism is a Must
It is a shame that more and more Journalists are threatened with prison for being “politically incorrect”. Often, an official accusation is not made. We need to turn away from such countries that are unable to honor human rights and have no democratic structures. The European Union must not support these.

Great Britain has voted for "Brexit" and may face an economic disaster from lower growth rates versus the other European Countries. Those who may criticize a strong economy, such as in Germany, should learn from those that get it right. Any society gets what their people vote for. In the US, Americans have elected a President "To make the country great again", but since then, the US dollar has lost about 20 percent against the Euro. At some point, people will recognize that it is not what they wish – most often too late to cry about.

But we are engineers, and have learned to develop solutions to improve our lives. It is a shame that German automakers misrepresented Diesel emissions - the whole industry knew that diesel engines needed improvement. But now, a new engineering solution is emerging in electro-mobility. History had demonstrated that companies in a great industry can fail by not recognizing new trends and goals. Steam locomotive manufacturing companies did not survive the conversion to diesel or electric. Combustion engine makers cannot hold on to old concepts while newcomers make the change. Tesla is an example of boldly starting the electric vehicle market. Now, the concept is taking hold - an electric delivery scooter fleet is being readied for the German postal service.

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My Green Power Tip for September:
Gooseberries are soon at their best! Eat them while you pick them from the bush. Do not turn them into a smoothie - save the energy of powering a smoothie maker - just pick and eat them, like you did last month with your strawberries.

Keep in mind that Oktoberfest 2017 in Munich Germany is September 16th to October 3rd. Plan your trip ahead of time.

Best Regards
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