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34-381200V CoolSiC MOSFET High Performance Complemented by High Reliability
40-42Configurable Gate Drives for nHPD2
44-46High Humidity Robustness of ABB's IGBTs and Diodes
48-51New Horizons in Thermal Cycling with the 7th gen. IGBT Module
52-57High-Voltage Isolated Gate Driver Module
58-607th-gen IGBTs - Three-level Modules for 1+ MW 1500 VDC Solar PV Inverters
62-65Closed Loop Current Transducers with Excellent Performance
71-73Maximum Efficiency for Inverters
74-75The Benefits of Bi-Directional Power Design
76-78Small Heat Loads; Big Challenge to enhance Heat Sink Performance?
80-83How GaN is Threatening the MOSFET's Crown
84-87SiC MOSFETs in Optimized Packaging Deliver a 3× Reduction in Switching Losses
88-89Water-Cooled Capacitor with Integration Technology
90Power Path Management in Charger ICs
92-95Reduce Substrate Tilt & Improve Bondline Control

White Asparagus, Once Again

I can't remember how many years that I've been coming to PCIM, but I always remember the delicious asparagus from the Nuremberg region. A lot of important things had already happened when I began urging GE Solid State in the late 80s to consider the PCIM Conference. IGBTs had been invented and were about to change the world of power electronics - mainly in variable speed motion and in ignition for combustion engines. It was my pleasure to do application work to initialize some of these designs and help make them successful. The first variable speed motor application controlled by an IGBT (called a “COMFET” by RCA) was launched in 1987 by Braun in Kronenberg. I remember visiting Mr. Bauer, an engineer who first trusted his food mixer product to an IGBT. After that, the IGBT became the workhorse for power applications, often in a multiple die package for three phase applications, ubiquitous in the industry.

The world is constantly in flux, and now wide-band gap devices have become mature and continue to grow in volume. Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride are successful. Their benefits are smaller system designs with the same or better performance than silicon. In the early days we had the impression that these materials would be exclusive to premium applications. Reduced losses, higher speeds, and smaller associated components requirements now make them a first choice for many applications.

It is nice to see General Electric back together with Danfoss Silicon Power, manufacturing SIC Modules in Utica, NY. About two decades ago, GE left power semiconductors, and sold GE solid state (and its RCA Solid State acquisitions) to Harris. Harris management misunderstood the important role of power semiconductors, so sold off discrete power products (which became part of Fairchild, and more recently On Semiconductor), with the rest, Intersil, having been sold to Renasas. It certainly is interesting to follow how the power semiconductor industry continually develops, as demonstrated for example by how Semikron and Rohm are now working together. The important thing is seeing progress, growing markets, and applications in wind and solar.

I invite you to my annual podium discussion at PCIM Europe! Wide-band gap devices are taking over more and more designs that have historically been served by silicon. We see higher switching frequencies and higher operating temperatures. The reduced size in high performance systems is both a benefit and a challenge. Improved measurement equipment is needed to analyze the design correctly.
Leading wide-band and test and measurement gap companies will join us to provide insights into designing with GaN and SiC.
Wednesday, May 17th at the PCIM in Hall 6, Booth 143
From 13:30 to 14:30 "SIC - Design, EMC and Measurement"
From 14:30 to 15:30 "GaN - Design, EMC and Measurement"
I look forward to seeing you there, and to an active exchange that will benefit all participants.
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My Green Power Tip for May:
If you drive a convertible, watch out for thunder storms and don’t forget to close the top while dining in a restaurant. We just watched people in Florida who did, and it takes a lot of energy to get the car dry again!
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